SKAspot Selections Top 10 for the Week of November 27th, 2015

With new nominees Ballad 42 and The Slackers added to the ballot, there was a little movement this week with the Top 10. Nonetheless The English Beat maintained it’s “rank” for the second week in a row. As always, the poll is open for votes/nominations and will close on Friday. Be sure to vote and tell your friends to do the same. Here are this week’s top 10 bands/tracks:

10. The Apes FLA – End of the Story
9. The Freecoasters – Swim
8. The Slackers – What Went Wrong

7. Boitovision – Big Bamboo
6. The Duppies – What A Shame
5. Bullbuckers – Appreciation

4. Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra – Dick Tracy
3. Chris Murray – One Everything
2. The Selecter – Too Much Pressure
1. The English Beat – Ranking Full Stop